Don’t take our word for it. The master classes have received ‘Excellent’ / 5 Star ratings by previous participants. Some of the wonderful feedback we received…

Students and Pre-teen session

“I think it was wonderful & I enjoyed it a lot!

I would say “I love it! – it was very enjoyable!”

“It was explained very well, there were lots of games. I loved it a lot!”

“Awesome! Very organized! very fun!”

“It was just as I wanted it to be.” 

It’s very informative. I would encourage others to attend this workshop too!”

“It has helped me a lot! It was informative! It was awesome! I am speechless!”

Adult & Teen session 

An ex Lasalle College graduate, now a full-time actress 

& model, Kristina P – “Great Workshop! Nice Experience practising different voices – it was very useful – A very friendly and creative environment had been created – Was very engaging!”

“Amazing Content!, Clear Presentation! – I had truly a great time at the workshop.” – Sailalitha, SOTA Student,

“Interactive, fun way to spend a Saturday” – Arpita S, Therapist & Life Coach,

“A really fun, useful workshop – A real eye-opener for a beginner” – Michael, Senior Actor,

“It was very fun because instead of just getting information, we actually got to interact with each other & try things out!”  – Vivaan, UWCSEA Student.

Advanced Guide Session Testimonials

“Noella is an excellent voice over artist, she gives relevant examples of how to be a professional VO by her simple yet endearing presentation!” – Padma, Senior Actress

“I feel so happy to have stumbled across the ‘Wonders of the Voice’ Beginners workshop a few months ago on Facebook. Because if I hadn’t had signed up for the workshop then, I wouldn’t have known how exciting and wonderful voice-overs are, and what an amazing experience I would have in both Beginners and Advanced workshops! 

Noella is a fantastic VO artist and it’s great that she doesn’t mind sharing her project experiences and advice to aspiring VO artists. She makes the workshops very fun, yet still informative. Plus, she really encourages us and gives us the confidence to ‘put a foot’ into the VO industry! The demo reel that we receive at the end of the Advanced workshop is also a great stepping stone in pitching for possible VO projects. I would highly recommend these workshops to anyone who has some interest in voice-overs, despite not having any background in it. The workshops are a joy to be in and there are so many awesome things to learn about!” – Pearl Y, Executive. 

“Worth the time and the money!” – Avi D, Grade 12 Student

“I enjoyed the session! I was trying to learn and look for opportunities to get started in VO! Thank goodness I found your workshop! The demo reel surprises even me!” – Shawn, Live Show Performing Artist. 

“Noella went above and beyond in preparing her students at varying levels of competency. If you’re serious, sign up for her Advanced Workshop as well.” – Daylon S, Advertising professional. 

Voice4ads Wonders of the Voice Participant VO jobs showcase  

We are so proud to share our previous participant Shawn’s VO project for A Star TV. He did 2 videos for them – Smart Windows and BIG data Detectives: Harmful Microbes. His delivery was Friendly, Warm, professional and Clear. Congratulations Shawn! He wrote in with the good news, “Just like to share with you my debut VOs! The coaching really helped in my preparations, knowing what to expect and how to take direction from the producer.” We’re brimming with pride and share in your joy! Do click here to hear his VoiceOver.

So delighted to also share our previous participant Debbie’s first few paid VO projects for BIG brand L’oreal Paris. She’s obviously over the moon! Her perseverance paid off and how! She almost gave up but she decided to keep at it with a little nudge from Wonders of the Voice (We love to be able to take a little bit of credit here) and eventually her belief in her own talent landed her great work! Her first job was for Uber. It was aired on Class 95, Spotify and digital TV. Debbie wrote in, “I just wanted to share that I finally got my first gig! & it may have been because of my demo I made with you, so thanks very much again for your help. I’m so excited that I can officially put VO Artiste on my resume. I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been with brands from the very start. Thank you very much for the great feedback.” Congrats! Work gets you work! Keep at it! Dreams really do come true! Click the here to hear her Voice Over for L’oreal Paris.

Our multi-lingual VO talent, Pankaj did his first paid VO gig through Voice4ads for a corporate video in Hindi. View It here

In fact, Our Kid Talents, Leanne & Vivaan, were chosen for an English e-learning project through Voice4ads’ client. They did a great job! Here they are enjoying their first pay-out from Voice4ads.