Beginners Guide

In the Beginners Guide Master Class you will learn…

All things VO with “Voice-On” activities and VO recording equipment introductions!

  • Why you’re unique and where your voice fits in
  • Tricks & Tips of the VO Trade
  • How to get started
  • Do & Don’ts of VO Artists
  • How to Win that audition
  • How to stress mark, articulate, modulate, intonate, project, change pitch and disguise your voice
  • How to hone your craft – Breathing Right, Voice & Vocal Care, Microphone Techniques, Pronunciation Matters
  • Script Interpretation – How to ‘Get the Script’
  • Accents and the Art of Impersonation etc.
  • That practice & more practice makes perfect!….together with interactive games, character role playing, Live Demos, Behind the scenes Celebrity VOA Videos, VO fun, Tips on how to be successful & much much more!!!


Raw Talent and passion are all you need to sign up! If you feel you

    • Love Radio, TV, Films or Audio-Video related media
    • Know the words of ads, dialogues from TV serials by-heart and never miss an opportunity to recite these with full gusto and passion
    • Are a natural at conjuring up accents and dialogues impromptu
    • Often find yourself talking to characters you manifest in your imaginative mind’s eye
    • Are often caught talking to yourself in front of the mirror
    • Love to imitate famous people or cartoon voices you watch on TV
    • Are addicted to recording yourself, speaking with your ‘TV News Anchor’ or RJ voice
    • Love singing with a microphone or in the bathroom because of the fabulous acoustics!
    • Are perhaps shy in public but a completely different animal at home!
    • Want to pursue a full time or part time career in voice acting, voice over &/or jingles. Then this master class/workshop is for you or that talented performer you know!
    • Basically, Voice Over/Jingle Artist Aspirants, Those interested in Acting, Theatre, films or those looking to improve their technique, VO Artists looking to hone their craft, Corporate Executives looking to use the power of their voice to project and gain credibility in the corporate world – after all we are all play acting one role or the other on the stage of life! Anyone with a good voice, interest in the art of voice over or anyone who wishes to do something TRULY unique and creatively gratifying!

Class Size: Average Class Size is 6-8 Participants with individual voice categorization feedback.