SheVentures: Heralding the rise & spirit of Women Entrepreneurship in Singapore

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March 1, 2018
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It was an energising, engaging and enriching two days at the recent Zee TV APAC launched ‘SheVentures’ Event. A brand new initiative to encourage women entrepreneurship in the Asia Pacific region, beginning with Singapore entrepreneurs. Voice4ads was selected to be one of the top 20 winners out of more than 100 entries and boy, what a fabulous opportunity it was!

The event was held in the beautiful, lush and picturesque cultural heritage site of S.P Jain’s Global School of Management on Hyderabad Road, Singapore, a campus built in the once palatial property of the last Nizam of Hyderabad, therefore, the road was named after the princely state during the reign of the British Empire.

The first day began with inspiring talks on risk-taking, negotiating deals, inbound marketing, running creative campaigns on social media, Facebook tools to advertise your business to relevant target audiences with a focus on guiding founders on ‘How to Scale a business digitally’ and how to ‘Be a holistic entrepreneur’. 

The second day was fun with development workshops on professional readiness, brand building and creating awareness, how to be presentable and conduct business networking effectively and the highlight being the interactive session on ‘Nailing the pitch’.

Zee TV APAC used one of the tips shared during the sessions very effectively by collaborating with key players and influencers; their education partners HubSpot, Facebook She Means Business, SP Jain School of Global Management and Startup-O conducted various segments that were tailored to help equip women entrepreneurs present with vital professional and leadership skills. This was indeed a great opportunity to get industry insider expert tips and get to interact and network with other creative, high-achieving and driven women entrepreneurs in Singapore.

This initiative will surely go on to create ripples and the wave of enthusiasm spread widely with many other supporters coming on board including Indian Women’s Association (IWA) who were media partners and sponsored prizes as well; Nivea gave out beauty hampers to the winners, True-Fitness and Myra’s catering were sponsors.  The event was covered by Zee TV and Nin9 Studios photography.

Networking with these bunch of trail-blazers was charged with adrenalin, oozing oomph and pouring forth with inspirational stories shared; of taking the proverbial plunge and diving in deep. For once, interacting with strangers wasn’t difficult at all as we were all unified by our common mission and business growth mindsets.

Conversations flowed that evening even more so with free flow of red wine and canapes sponsored by Pernod Ricard who jumped onboard as the hospitality partner. A fantastic toast to an eventful event when G.H. Mumm Champagne was also popped. Cheers ladies! Hic! Hic! 😉

Zee TV APAC celebrated their 25th anniversary this year and since women have been at the center of their programming and with their own team comprising almost 100% women, this initiative was the brain-child of their Executive Vice president, Tripta Singh who thought it would be a good idea to give back to their women viewers by encouraging the brave & driven entrepreneurial spirit by helping provide a platform to self-made women to take their unique business ventures to the next level. Zee TV has generously sponsored 1500 seconds of free airtime for each winning entrepreneur. Wow! Time to let those creative juices flow and produce some creative ad spots to air on TV!!

The best takeaways were the creative tips on content creation and digital marketing and keys to compelling storytelling from expert insiders. These were both insightful and relevant to help grow and scale our business ideas. 

Any initiative such as this with a focus on encouraging women entrepreneurship is a step closer to gender equality in the workforce where the gap between work put in globally by women and the overall income generated by us narrows. May #SheVentures inspire more women to begin to do what they love. As our own brand slogan says, “Where passion and profession come together” you’ve got purpose!

All-in-all a fantastic experience; inspiring and fulfilling. Wishing all the other founders every success in each of their unique endeavours.

To see all the cool ventures and the creative lady bosses behind these businesses please view the Winners Announcement Video put out by Zee TV APAC click Here

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Thank you SheVentures!


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